+++ Corona-virus update +++

I am aware of the current Covid-19 requirements and would be more than happy to go through all safety measures in advance, to secure the best possible experience for you and your guest!

What type of event are you hosting?

 Whether it be a corporate event of family gathering, in a restaurant or theatre,

each client gets a personalised offer customised to their needs.

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Silver package



- 1,5 hours of close-up magic,

  divisible into 2x 45min sets 


Perfect for casual parties or gatherings for up to 80 people.

The magician walks around/ from table to table and enchants the guests in small groups. 



-most booked-


Gold package



- 2 hours of close-up magic, 

  divisible into 2x 45min sets

- 20min of my unique stage


- arrival and set-up before the 

  start of the event



Perfect for organised events with set program for up to 150 people. This includes, but is not limited to: weddings, corporate events and birthday celebrations.



-carefree all around-


Platinum package



- 2+ hours of close-up magic, 

  depending on personal 

  requirements of the client

- 30min of my unique stage 


- the magician will be present

  the whole duration of the


- arrival and set-up before the 

  start of the event




Individual consultation and tailoring on your personal needs make this option perfect for any event of any size. 


Where can I find the prices?

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